The annual Confirmation Class is for those entering the 6th grade in the fall.  The class begins in August and concludes in May.  The students are introduced to the fundamentals of the Christian faith and receive an orientation to the general United Methodist Church.  The goal of the 6th grade Confirmation Class is to give the student the opportunity to say, “I believe” in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord.  Confirmation is a journey in the Christian faith and not just a class to be taken.  The nine month class gives each student a thorough understanding of the faith by visiting other church worship services, lock-ins, field trips and if your child has questions about Christianity they are immediately examined.  On Confirmation Sunday students can receive baptism  and membership vows (both optional). 

A new class will be formed on August 12th, 2018.

Please contact Colleen Driggers at if you want your 6th grader to participate.