"By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it.
But each one should build with care."

- 1 Corinthians 3:10
When you leave a legacy to the Endowment Fund in your trust or will, it is never depleted. Only the income from the investment of your gift is used to meet the needs of the church. Your gift becomes a permanent legacy to the many programs and services of Wylie United Methodist Church, helping to assure they are in place to serve those who follow us. Your generosity of spirit serves to enrich all who benefit from your gift for generations to come.
    Three Steps to Get Started
  • 1. Think about the ministries and work of this church. Are there programs and services, such as music, youth, and outreach, that you want to see live beyond you? Do you want to make sure funds are in place for the continued care and expansion of our campus? Would you like to establish a scholarship to fund a special type of youth or education program?

    2. If you need more information as you make your decision, contact our Pastor or a member of the Endowment Ministry Team. They will help you better understand how your gift can accomplish your wishes and intent. 

    3. Contact your financial, tax or legal advisor for help. Your advisor can make sure that you are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift.

    Ways of Giving
  • Outright Gifts           
    Outright gifts are transfers of cash, securities, or other property. Because they  immediately go to work, outright gifts have a direct impact on church programs.

    Gifts of Cash
    The most common and often the simplest gift to make.

    Gifts of Appreciated Securities
    Long term appreciated securities can provide special tax advantages. These include a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the gift and avoidance of capital gains taxes.

    Gifts of Real Estate
    Gifts of real property can receive the same tax treatment as gifts of appreciated securities.

    Gifts in Kind
    You may wish to give WUMC a personal possession of special interest. Special tax rules apply to such gifts, so it is important to discuss such a gift with your tax counsel.

    Memorial or Tribute Gifts
    Any gift may be donated in memory or honor of a friend or loved one. The family of the deceased, or person honored, will be notified of such gifts.

    Bequest by Will or Living Trust
    The most common form of deferred or planned gift is a charitable bequest. A will or living trust is a very personal matter and should be prepared with an attorney.

    Gifts with Retained Interest
    By retaining an interest in your gift to WUMC, you can continue to hold certain rights in it until it is conveyed to WUMC. When you make such a gift, you have the pleasure of knowing that plans you make today will eventually help support the church and programs that have been especially important to you.

    Life Income Gifts
    With gifts such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, the donor makes an irrevocable gift and receives income for either life or a specified term of years. When the specified period ends, the remaining amount goes to WUMC.

    Charitable Lead Trust
    This type of charitable trust pays WUMC a fixed amount or percentage of an asset for a term of years. Thereafter, the assets are passed on to your loved ones.

    Gifts of Life Insurance
    You may want to consider naming WUMC as beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

    Retirement Plan Gifts
    You may wish to designate WUMC as the primary or contingent beneficiary of a private pension fund (e.g. IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing plan). Simply designate WUMC as beneficiary on your “Beneficiary Designation” form.

    Gifts with Retention of a Life Estate
    You may bequeath your home to WUMC, while retaining the right to occupy, rent or otherwise use the property during your lifetime.

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to include my wish to leave a gift to WUMC in my will?
    Yes - You should specify your intention to leave a gift through a will or trust, or by designating WUMC as a beneficiary of life insurance or retirement benefits. Without a will, your property and finances are settled according to state laws which may not coincide with family wishes.

    Must I have a sizeable estate in order to leave a gift?
    No – An “estate” is simply a term used to describe any property, money or belongings that you may have no matter their size. Anyone can arrange to leave a charitable gift from their estate when they pass away.

    How do I leave a gift to WUMC? 
    Although you can leave a gift in several ways, the most common is via a will. Many people set aside a certain dollar amount. Others leave a percentage of assets, or any assets left over after the family has been provided for. Some people give property while others leave a life insurance policy, charitable trust, or other financial investments.

    Who can help me arrange for a gift?
    Talk with your financial advisor, lawyer, accountant, insurance agent or trust officer about leaving a gift to WUMC.

    How do I leave a gift in memory of a person or for a specified purpose?
    A gift is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has made a difference in your life. You may also want to give to a specific cause within the church. This kind of memorial gift can be arranged in your will or trust the same way you would leave a personal gift.

    Do I tell WUMC that I plan to leave a gift?
    We hope that you will — but it is not required. If you notify WUMC it will give the church an opportunity to honor and thank you now. Whether or not you let the church know of your plan is your decision.

    What other policies should I keep in mind?
    Please consult our contribution policy for additional information provided by our Finance Committee on giving to the church.

    Contact Information
  • Please call the church office at 972-442-5835, contact a member of the Endowment Ministry Team at info@wylieumc.org for additional information.