Pastor's eNOTES

November 2, 2017

Dear Wylie United,

I want to make this important news short and sweet, so let’s jump in!

               WHAT A START!

The kick off for the 2017-18 Generosity Campaign was tremendous! On Commitment Sunday (10/29) we received 99 pledge cards totaling $407,216.  Last Sunday the congregation came forward and placed their pledge commitments on the altar rail because giving is an “act of worship”.

As people came forward, an inspiring moment happened. I was watching the “ministry slideshow” and noticed four children placing their cards on the altar.  Also, I saw several families, with children, kneeling and praying over their cards!  Call me a “softy” but that was spiritually moving.

Anyway, 99 cards is a great start, but our goal is for everybody (100%) to support the ministry of Wylie United. The underlying motto of the Generosity Campaign is; It’s not complete without you!”  So, blank pledge cards are available on the Welcome Center in the foyer, as well as, on the Ushers table in the back of the Worship Center.  And remember, there is a thank you gift (Wylie United Coffee Mug) for everyone who pledges. The blue mugs are along the back shelf of the Welcome Center.

               ONE WORSHIP SERVICE (9:30 a.m.) ON NOVEMBER 12th

This is our Celebration Sunday for the conclusion of our Unchained journey and Financial Peace University. Someone said, “ONE CELEBRATION ● ONE CHURCH● ONE WORSHIP SERVICE● ONE LUNCH TOGETHER (BBQ)!”

 Also, we will be helping the Christian Care Center with a church-wide collection.

Below are the items you can bring to help kick off Christian Care Week:

● Jelly (any flavor)

● Macaroni n’ Cheese (boxed)

● Tuna (canned)

●Spaghetti and Meatballs (canned)

Please place these items in the large plastic tubs in the foyer where other items are collected.



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October 24, 2017

Dear Wylie United Family,

As I’m writing this eNote William Lamoureux and his crew just found “a leak” in the sprinkler system that has been plaguing us for years!  It will be a simple fix.  Way to go Trustees!

Let me highlight a few things that will be helpful to you.


This is a new addition to our website.  We have nine new members and their pictures are on the church website.  Simply select the box on our homepage that says, “Welcome Home” or simply click here.  Church growth statistics tell us that putting “names and faces’ together is extremely important for assimilating new members in the life of the church.  These pictures will help us get to know them.  However, there is another element that is like that water leak, “it’s a simple fix.”  The fix is for each member to wear a name tag so they can get to know us.  Name tags are available at the Welcome Center.  I strongly encourage you to make that a holy habit.


We are doing something different this year! This Sunday (October 29th) is Pledge /Commitment Sunday where each member will be given the opportunity to help underwrite the 2018 ministries of the church. The church would like to say thanks for your support by giving you a Wylie United coffee mug, which were generously donated to the church. Here are the steps to pledging.

  1. Pray now about your 2018 giving to Christ through Wylie UMC and arrive at a figure.
  2. Come this Sunday and receive a blank pledge card at the beginning of worship.
  3. During worship, fill out the card, place it in the privacy envelope.
  4. At the end of worship, you will be given the opportunity to leave it on the altar rail as an act of your worship!
  5. As you leave, pick up your coffee mug as a thank you gift!


There were 465 folks at the Trunk or Treat event last Sunday. The 2018 Confirmation Class provided games; a Wylie firetruck was on the scene; hotdogs were grilled; and 17 trunks were opened.  A great time was had by all. What an outreach!


Methodists, along with many other churches, set aside a Sunday to help keep alive the memory of those who have gone to be with the Lord.  Your loved one is now in that “great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrew 12:1).  If you would like to bring recognition to your loved one and help the congregation celebrate their eternal life, reply to this eNote with an electronic picture.  Please respond by November 1st.  Thank you! 



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October 6, 2017

Dear Wylie United Family,


I just returned from a continuing education event at the largest Methodist Church in America. There were 790 congregations represented from 31 States in our great nation. The Church of the Resurrection is in Leawood, Kansas, and had many ideas to offer. I realize each church has a personality and what works at that church cannot be applied to every church. Yet they have a policy that if an idea can help another church, take and tweak it for your congregation. So, I have a ton of ideas, related to community involvement, missions and evangelism that I would like to bounce off Wylie United in the future. I’m going to be honest, this Leadership Institute was a revival for me and I am excited at what God has done and is doing through this church!


Wow! We had a tremendous time together as we worshipped the God of the universe last Sunday (10/1). Through the Membership Class, Wylie United received 9 new members, one infant baptism, one adult baptism and we celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Two sacraments, new members, at both services, on one Sunday!  You can see the new members pictures and names by clicking here. 

Speaking of worship, I want to give a shout out to the volunteers that enable worship to happen each Sunday. I want to applaud the ushers, those who extend hospitality, the Chancel Choir and Filthy Rags, acolytes and coordinators, the A/V folk, the confirmation class, those who prepare for worship, the liturgists and those who work behind the scene. Three months ago, I counted the worship volunteers and came up with 28 per Sunday. That number is not scientific but there are many volunteers that make things happen each time we worship!


This annual event reaches out to the community of Wylie and the surrounding areas in many ways. Children can have their picture taken on a 1943 tractor. Families look up and down the aisles for the perfect pumpkin. The patch is open Monday – Saturday, 9am - 7 pm, and each Sunday 11 am - 7 pm.  Take a look at pictures from last year!  

Circle your calendar for Sunday, October 15th, for the P.J. Party in the Patch! It’s B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Blanket) or lawn chairs.  Relax and stay for popcorn and a children’s movie! There will be loads of fellowship and great family fun. We will gather at 6 pm. This is a fantastic outreach to the community. Last year we had over 300!  

The next Sunday, October 22nd, is another annual activity called Trunk-or-Treat.  Many car trunks will be open in the south parking lot and small children and their parents, from the community and the church, will have a safe place to Trick-or-Treat for Halloween. Our Confirmation Ministry will also have various games set up for the kids to enjoy in front of the church. This family event is from 4 – 6pm. Click here and view last year’s fun!


Wylie United is offering a new ministry to those families with special needs children who have aged out of the school system.  It is the church’s desire to show the love of God to all people and incorporate them into the life of the church. People with special needs are children of God and deserve an opportunity to grow in their relationship Him.

Take a look at this ministry called, “Wylie Stars” by clicking here.


I think we all can agree that God has truly blessed every one of us.  We will have the opportunity to bless God’s ministry through Wylie United. The theme this year is a question, “How To Measure Your Life,” and during the three week campaign we will ultimately ask, “How will God Measure Your Life.”  To discover more click here.   


This series and journey is called, “Unchained.”  Many people in our church are going through Financial Peace University. Sometimes personal finances have a way of putting the hand-cuffs on bank accounts, investments, check books and even you and me! This series is to provide practical help and looks at ways God desires for you to Biblically manage your personal finances.  This Sunday the series will continue by focusing on the topic of all topics, “God Owns It All.”  You can learn more about “Unchained” by clicking here.  

Well got to run!



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July 27, 2017

Dear Wylie United Family,

Sunday night I heard some thunder and it rained in Wylie.  God blessed us, once again, with refreshing rain.  God is blessing our church with some refreshing new Biblical program!  Let’s jump into this eNote.


There is an air of excitement in the addition of two new staff members at our church.  Your SPRC (Staff Parish Relation Committee) worked very hard seeking out and interviewing persons for our part-time Associate Pastor and full-time Youth Director! 

Rev. Will Pasieczny, comes to us from the Oklahoma Conference as our Associate Pastor.  To read more about Pastor Will and his family click here.

Tiffany Barber comes to us as our Youth Director from First UMC in Wellington, Texas.  To read more about Tiffany click here.


We are going to begin a new journey to help us acknowledge the Biblical methods of how God wants us to use our personal finances. This is NOT a veiled attempt to ask you to give to the church.  This "all church" program will revolutionize the way you use money. The Bible’s guidance is the key!  Already approximately 30 folks from our church have taken this class.  I guarantee your family will be blessed as our church family members enter a Financial Peace class. Take a look at the UNCHAINED promotional video by clicking here.


We just completed a "Membership Class" for those who are now new members of Wylie United.  (The next class is Sunday, September 24th).  During the class, we serve a light lunch to the families and teach our M.V.P. (Mission, Vision, and Plan for ministry), expectations of membership, history of Wylie UMC, and have a simple Q & A session about the local and general church. After the class, there were seven new members that joined our church family.  Their names are listed at the end of this eNote. Help our new members put a name and face together, by wearing a name tag on Sunday mornings.  Pick up your name tag at the Welcome Center.




New Members Joined Wylie United on Sunday, July 13, 2017

Drew and Heather Mahar, and their children, Mackenzie, Madison, Colt, and Caleb   

Erika Pasieczny

David and Kristen Scarborough, and their children, Hannah, Olivia, and Isaac 

Michael and Jodi Thomas, and their children, Brady, Ava, and Carter



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May 22, 2017

Dear Wylie United Family,

You have every right to be proud of your Staff Parish Relations Committee.  They are seeking candidates to fill the Youth Director and Associate Pastor slots.  There are some great prospects and your SPRC is doing a wonderful job under the direction of Jacob Cortez.

The reason the SPRC is working so hard is because Pastor Chuck Church is leaving a tremendous vacancy.  Chuck has poured himself into our youth for seven years (since June 2010) and has worked in the role of Associate Pastor for the past year and a half.  Under Chuck’s leadership small groups (Lifelines) have been established, the website has improved dramatically (a good website gives a visitor a good first impression) and pastoral visits have been made.  A great milestone in his life is coming up at the 2017 Annual Conference.  Chuck will be “Commissioned” on Tuesday, June 6th, and it is the intension of the Bishop to appoint Pastor Chuck to Cornerstone UMC.  What an impact Chuck Church has made!  I personally want to say thank you to him and his family and I know you do to! Chuck’s last Sunday with us will be June 25th. The SPRC is planning a special pot luck luncheon as a sendoff!

Another person, and her family, that has made an impact here at Wylie United is Sandy Heard. She is now the “Connections Pastor” at FUMC, Rockwall, which is connects new members to the life of the church and involves them in ministry and mission.  The Heard family has certainly helped us in tremendous ways and we wish them God’s blessings as they move to the church “across the pond” (Lake Ray Hubbard)!

A group that has impacted this church is the 2017 Confirmation Class.  This group of 14 made commitments at our altar to support the UMC and WUMC with their prayers, presence, gifts, services and witness.  Their names are at the bottom of this eNote so please welcome them in the name of Jesus Christ.  

Another group to make an impact for Christ are the children who will be at Vacation Bible School.  There will be approximately 320 children and over 100 volunteers at this year’s VBS.  Registration is still open for children and volunteers.  God might want you to help with this ministry to children.  To learn more about Hero Central, this year’s VBS theme, simply click here.

Still another group that is growing and God is impacting their faith is the Pastor’s Bible Study that meets each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.  Currently we are studying the Apostle Paul’s words to the Ephesians.  We meet in room 204.  If you want to join the group, you can learn more by clicking here.

Lastly another impact or milestone happened on Sunday, May 7th, at a Church Conference. Our church made the decision (163-Yes, 6-No) to move forward by reducing our debt.  With the help of an outside consultant firm a debt reduction campaign will start in the Spring of 2018. This is very exciting news as our church moves forward!




2017 Confirmands

Aaron Aspden

Jonah Heard

Kayley Matthews

Peyton Byers

Kirstyn Cortez

Cole Trask

Jacob Turi

Ayden Terry

Hannah Scarborough

Gatlin Jones 

Alex Borteye

Marshall Gray

Brent Gulseth

Christian Bearden

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March 28, 2017

Dear Wylie United Family,

I hear it’s going to rain this evening and tomorrow!  Before we receive a shower, I would like to point out how God is showering our church with His blessings!

Blessing #1, Increased Worship Attendance

You can watch our worship services/sermons on YouTube through our website. There are 5-10 people who watch us on line each week and that number will increase. This online worship increases our attendance! More importantly we just baptized a child, I am speaking with parents about future baptisms, and folk will join this Sunday through the New Member Class!

Blessing #2, Lifelines. 

Currently there are approximately 80 WUMC people and guests in our Lifeline Groups.  These cluster groups are less than a year old and are strategically placed around the Wylie area. The purpose of Lifelines is twofold – 1.  To help you grow in your personal relationship with God.  2. To help you grow in your relationship with other people.  That is fellowship or Koinonia!  This summer we will focus on, “How God can strengthen the Family”! If you have not signed up for a Lifeline Group, click here.

Blessing #3, The Ministry Fair.

On March 19th, there were 19 different ministries represented in the foyer. (Boy, you guys and gals are creative: rugs, balloons, robes, etc. …)  As you know, one of our goals is to help people “plug into” a ministry. Elizabeth Wiseman, the Council on Ministries Chair, told me there were 25-30 “new” volunteers who showed interest and wished to connect to God’s ministries at WUMC!

Blessing #4, Easter Resurrection Sunday!

Last year the Saturday Egg Hunt was overwhelming. The church was packed with children and it will be the same this year. Parents mark your calendars for April 15th, 10 a.m.-noon for this year’s Egg Hunt.  Easter Sunday will be an exciting day as well. The church will be packed with four worship services. Sunrise Service at 7:00 a.m., Traditional Service with Holy Communion at 8:30 a.m., Traditional Worship at 9:30 a.m. and Contemporary Worship at 10:45 a.m.  Pick a service and bring your family! Also, if you can park in the far spaces, that will be helpful as we make room for our Easter guests!   

Blessing #5, Church-wide Picnic and a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday April 23rd.

Please mark your calendar for this date. We will come together for hotdogs and hamburgers, as well as, hear the Debt Reduction Team’s debt reduction proposal plus their exciting 5-year vision for Wylie United. You will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning their proposal and the future of our church! The Town Hall will be followed by an All Church Conference vote on May 7th!

Blessing #6, Choir Easter Musical.

Circle the date of Sunday, April 30th, as the choir will lead the service with inspiring music and solos called, “Walk Worthy.”  I’m looking forward to hearing our choir and I hope you will join me.

There are many more of God blessings!  Come and see for yourself!  Well got to go to a joint C.O.M. & Administrative Board meeting!

In Christ’s Amazing Love,

Pastor Wally

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February 15, 2017

Dear Wylie United,

As I write this eNote it is chilly and rainy outside. The season of winter is still with us.

We, as a church family, are finishing up the sermon series on the Parables of Jesus that was inspired by a survey that you filled out five months ago!  I will give more details about the survey this Sunday in worship. This Sunday we will continue the series by looking at the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18, and focus on what is necessary for any relationship to survive: The Priority of Forgiveness.

I just want to say one exciting thing about our small groups which we lovingly refer to as "Lifelines." I love stats so here are some Lifeline statistics. Currently this new ministry has six small groups strategically located in neighborhoods and has approximately 72 people involved. The main purposes of Lifeline Groups are to help people grow in their Christian faith and at the same time connect with other people. Outstanding ministry is being done and will continue. If you are reading this and are saying to yourself, "I would like to be in a Lifeline Group," simply call Chuck Church or myself. We will hook you up! Let me share an exciting fact. There was a couple who came to worship last Sunday who wanted to check out our church and they already knew several people because of a Lifeline Group! I want to thank the people who are opening their homes and providing Christ-like hospitality.

I want to give a shout out to the UMM (United Methodist Men) for giving the John Scanlan Award to Dixie Burns. Dixie was given this award because of her outstanding service for Christ. Also, the UMM had a great Valentine's Banquet at Seis Lagos. It was great to see so many in one place.

The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. You are invited to attend the Ash Wednesday service led by Pastor Chuck on March 1st, at 7 pm. Our Lenten worship series called, Following Jesus, will immerse the congregation in the betrayal, arrest, sentencing, suffering and death of Jesus Christ.  So, pack your bags, Wylie United is going to 1st century Jerusalem and actually following Jesus' footsteps and witnessing the last 24 hours of His life! 

Our Lenten Study this year will be, From Brokenness to Glory, written by Pastor Chuck. This study follows the life of Jesus Christ from the Passover to the Resurrection and reveals how God's glory takes place in our state of brokenness. We will offer two groups, both led by Pastor Chuck, on Wednesdays at noon and at 7 pm. This study is not intended for Sunday School classes. However, there are studies available for your class, just see Pastor Chuck for what's available.

Gotta run.


Pastor Wally

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September 1, 2016

 Dear Wylie United Family,

We are on the heels of an extremely successful “Bless the Helmet” at Wylie East and Wylie High Schools.  Each event was so popular that both coaches asked the Methodists’ to make this an annual outreach.  Over 500 young men and coaches were ministered to as the Methodist volunteers took the gospel outside the walls of our church!  It’s great to partner with our high schools!

Our Learning Academy Preschool (L.A.P.) is growing with 166 preschoolers (2yrs to Pre-K).  It is such a joy to hear the pitter-patter of little feet walking in the church hallways.  It’s fantastic to partner with our little ones!

I had the opportunity to attend our Momentum Student Ministry last night (Sunday).  The snack supper was super and worship was awesome.   They have fun and crazy times as well as serious times.  As a way to grow in their faith, our students are going to begin small groups next Wednesday.  It’s cool to partner with our students.   

The recent activities in children’s ministry like Promotion Sunday, 3rd grade and Confirmation Bible presentations, and Acolyte Training keeps this ministry moving.  We constantly see the lives of our children grow and change… that is what the gospel is all about!  It’s fabulous to partner with our kids!

There are so many ministries - Sunday school, worship, men’s and women’s groups, 39ers, well the list goes on and on.  There are so many volunteers behind the scenes – tractor lawn mowing is one of the ways volunteers serve the church (take a look at our front yard.)  It’s so wonderful to partner with God!

I am looking forward to beginning our new sermon series on the “I Am” statements of Jesus on September 18th.  Jesus’ iconic claims will be the foundation of our new Adult small groups called Life Lines.  It will be so helpful to share faith and fellowship in small settings.  For more information on the Life Line small groups click here.

Well, got to go.



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August 2, 2016

Dear Wylie United Family,

Just returned from a pastors’ meeting where 32 pastors gathered to pray for the community of Wylie and the surrounding areas. Once again we realized our collective churches are not in competition but on the same team! 

Many things are hopping at WUMC. Things are busy this summer. Let me highlight a few things in this eNote!

The Pastor’s Coffee Class last Sunday was tremendous! There were eight people who decided to join us as we do ministry together! Their names are at the end of this eNote. They will officially join, as a class/group, this Sunday, August 7th. Come and show your support and welcome them into the church family!

As you know, children develop reading, as well as, comprehension skills in or around the 3rd grade. Wylie United, each year, gives a copy of the Scripture to those entering 3rd grade in the fall. What better stories to absorb than the experiences and teachings of Jesus! Letters of invitation have been sent to 16 children who will be entering the 3rd grade to receive a Bible on Sunday, August 14th at both worship services. On that Sunday we will have extra Bibles.  So if you are a child who is entering the 3rd grade a Bible is here for you!   

We are, once again, reaching out with the Gospel by feeding and praying over the Raiders and Pirate football teams. We will be with the Raiders on the evening of the 17th and the Pirates on the 18th. These events will be called Bless the Helmet.  We are going to pray for and ask God to bless the one who wears the helmet. These two team will provide the physical muscle and WUMC is going to provide the spiritual muscle. You can learn more about Bless the Helmet by clicking here.

Our next sermon series, Olympic Fever, will be an interesting and fun one. This summer, the attention of the entire world turns to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as our greatest athletes gather to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. These athletes have given years of dedication, training and perseverance all for the glory of Olympic competition. The scriptures are filled with Olympic terms and metaphors urging us to use the commitment of an athlete to be what God would have us to be. We will begin each sermon with Olympic Trivia. This will be a light-hearted introduction to a deep and rich series. I pray this will help you grow in your personal faith. You can read more about the series by clicking here.


Pastor Wally


Welcome the new members of WUMC!

Doreen Acquaye and her 11-year-old son, Alex, and her 9-year-old daughter, Jenelle

Paul and Darla Camman and their 9-year-old daughter, Julia

Adesh and Katie Mohamed and their 2-year-old daughter, Kayla Sue

Rita Ohenewaa

Joseph and Mary Turner and their 13-month-old daughter, Ellie


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June 2, 2016

Dear Wylie United,

I can’t believe how green everything is!  Just as the rain causes growth of the grass, the trees, the fields, God’s mighty spirit causes His people, in the church, to grow and bless others!

I want to thank the Wylie American Legion of Veterans as they led our church family in a flag folding ceremony on Memorial Day Sunday.  My heart salutes those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.  It is because of their bravery that makes our home “the land of the free.”  May God continue to bless America!

On May 15th, the 2016 Confirmation Class made public their belief in the Bible as God’s Word, acknowledged the reality of sin and the ability “to turn” from it, but most importantly each professed a personal belief in Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives!  Also, this Confirmation Class joined and became full members of our church. The Confirmation journey was extra-tremendous because four were baptized into Christ!  I want to express appreciation to our Confirmation Class Team Leaders and the host of adult volunteers that helped the class learn about the Christian faith.  Please pause and say a special prayer for this class as they get involved in our Momentum Student Ministry!  Their names are listed at the end of this eNote.

Speaking of growth, I was just conversing with the LAP (Learning Academy Preschool) Director, Sherry London, and because of the growth of this community the program is adding 28 additional students (3-year-olds) this fall!  They are adding 1 new class room to the program!  Sherry said, “The growth of young families is here!  The question is: how do we want to respond?”  This is a fantastic and insightful question for all to consider and act upon.   

Our Children’s Ministry is cranking up for Vacation Bible School, June 13-17.  Currently, there are 215 kids registered and 98 adult & youth volunteers! To register your young ones, to volunteer, or to learn more about VBS, click here

Check out our new big sign as you leave the Worship Center this Sunday.  This 8-foot sign has our mission statement written out simply to REMIND us, every Sunday, the mission that each one of us is encouraged to follow ...Love God, Love Neighbor and Make Disciples for the transformation of the world!  This is a big sign because it is a big mission and purpose!

The recent hailstorm caused the missionary arm of the church to form a team called ACT.  This is a service team that reaches out in the community.  Thus far the team has accomplished: one roof repair and reshingled, one fence and gate repaired, two home siding and roof temporary repairs, and replacement of the side of a trailer house. If you want to learn more about ACT click here.

Well got to run!




The 2016 Confirmation Class

Connor Brown

Jonathan Celis

Haley Finta

Caitlin Fuson

Jakob Gulseth

Matthew Hattaway

Radha Herrera

Colby Lindsey

Abby Lyons

Riley Samuel

Luke Speaker

Emily Thibodeaux

Cason Vogeley

Riley Youngers

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